What is WordPress?

Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS

WordPress is an exciting web-based software program primarily created and used for blogging. Recently, WordPress has evolved to power great looking websites. Simply put, WordPress is the most powerful online platform to build websites that look great and give clients control over their content, since it also doubles as a very user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). That means with a little training, businesses have the freedom and flexibility to completely manage their own websites, edit text, add pictures, video and new pages, etc.

WordPress can also be synchronized with the most popular social media platforms by the use of plugins. When properly configured, you can put out a new blog (post) on your website and it will automatically post to your Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn! Our clients find it incredibly easy and convenient to keep social media accounts up-to-date with current and relevant information.

There are thousands of plugins that have been developed that can extend your website even more, such as turning it into a membership site, being able to view live stats, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) options, eCommerce and so much more.

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