What Is the Difference Between a Brand and a Logo?

Many people, including a lot of graphic designers, refer to logos as brands. But there’s a crucial difference between them. The word logo comes from the word logotype, which means the verbal part of a brand–the text or the name of the company represented through typographic characters. When this logotype is accompanied by visual elements such as a symbol or icon, the logo becomes a brand.

A logotype is never enough.
Consider this analogy: If we were to sew a suit, a logotype would be the fabric for the suit. But we also would need a pattern, or a branding strategy. Copying a pre-made pattern is cheaper and faster, but it won’t fit just right. The ideal is to create a tailor-made suit, specially designed for each client. In the same way, a tailor-made brand adapts to each company. It not only can represent what a company is but also what a company wants to be.

The power is in the branding.
Nowadays, most companies have logos but not brands. A powerful brand can reach specific target audiences, communicating to their unique views and desires. Since your brand is the first thing your clients will see before even learning about your services or products, make your first impression count!

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